After 12 years of adventure, Our PokeWorld is expanding! You can now build your Pokedex as NFTs as part of the World's Biggest NFT-Integrated Poke Server!

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New Trainer?

Follow our Server instructions in discord to get started.

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Explore the world with your Pokefriends!

Collect Your Creatures!

Hundreds of Creatures are waiting to be found in the newest PokeXVerse. Capture and train your lineup to ready them for battle!

Fly, sail, and ride across the pokexverse!

Your Creature will be your best travel allies around the PokeXVerse! Cross continents on their backs, soar through the clouds, and scout the seas in search of undiscovered islands. Adventure opportunities are endless.

Decorate your Pokehome!

Rent a house in the most famous of PokeCities! Transform your space with decorations to suit your changing style and make your PokeHome your own.

Unravel mysteries in the Pokexverse!

Hundreds of quests await you, spread across all the continents of the PokeXVerse. Follow exciting stories, Have fun mini-activities, and fight fierce opponents as you build your Pokedex on the road. Prepare yourself for challenging missions along the way!

Discover new worlds of adventure!

A new, mysterious, and beautiful world awaits you. Creatures roam in their natural habitats- to catch them is your real test! To train them is your cause. And, if the beauty starts to feel boring, get your heart-rate elevated and test your skills in the danger-around-every-corner setting of Nightmare World.

Level up your character and your team!

Watch your team get stronger- and your strength pay off! Each enemy you defeat will level up your characters and unlock new challenges to test your skills.

Prove yourself as a Pokechampion!

Battle others in real time!

Demonstrate your expertise, your team's power, and your cunning strategies in One vs. One and Two vs. Two battles. Weekly tournaments are open to those who want to compete with more trainers- and all for epic prizes!

Be a part of the largest global tournament!

Battle for the title of Master Trainer with the best in your league. Enter the arena on an even standing with your competitors and let your skills bring you to the top!

The first NFT launch is coming soon. Keep an eye out for Shiny Creatures- only a limited amount will be for sale.



Only Shiny Creatures holders are eligible for our inServer premium features.


Shiny Creatures have 20% more power than normal types, plus an extra set of spells. That increased power and spell choice provides holders with an advantage in PVP and tournament battles. These advantages will help holders experience faster cash growth in-Server, yielding higher earnings outside of the Server.


85% of all secondary royalties will be distributed back to holders as rewards and weekly airdrops.


Staking: Shiny Creatures holders will be able to stake their NFT and earn in-Server rewards.


Shiny holder’s gain access to a private elite channel in Discord for those interested in contributing to future Server development decisions.

PokeXVerse Roadmap

The PokeXVerse roadmap began all the way back in 2010 when our first online Server,, was created. Twelve years later, our trainers are stronger than ever!

What’s next?



The NFT industry is gaining momentum worldwide- and the PokeXVerse fits right in. We have developed the concept and Server for our PokeXVerse so that holders can own Creatures as NFTs and enjoy a stellar adventure.



Blockchain experts are building an entire ecosystem for the experience.



Shiny Creatures are being integrated and ready for release as NFTs. With these NFTs, holders will gain access to our brand new experience.

Early Q3


Presale and public mint will be released so holders can mint a randomly selected Shiny Creatures.

Early Q3


Server release and blockchain integration will allow holders to connect and claim Shiny Creatures inside the Server.

Late Q3


Ongoing Server upgrades based on suggestions and requests from NFT holders.